About Katie

Welcome! I’m Katie. My goal is to help people see the fun in language learning so that it becomes a joy and not a chore. Absolutely everyone is capable of learning a language, it’s simply a matter of finding a strategy that fits in with your life, your interests and your learning style.

Here you’ll find how-tos, encouragement and general language chit chat that’ll help you do exactly that.

I wasn’t always such a language fanatic. In fact, I was completely monolingual until my 22nd birthday and prided myself on napping through language lessons at school and university. I was bored to tears in the classroom and I thought that meant I was bad at languages.

It wasn’t until I started learning Italian away from the classroom that I realised I could study languages in a way that fits in with my own learning style. I found ways to study that were personal, fun and most importantly, that worked.

Since then I’ve dabbled in French, Spanish, Mandarin and German and the list keeps growing. I became interested in the science behind how adults learn languages and went on to get a Masters in Linguistics from Cambridge University and later an MRes in Speech, Language and Cognition at University College London. My advice is packed with findings from linguistics, psychology and neuroscience.

I love helping people on their language learning journey and have been featured in the BBC and the Independent.

If you’d like to contact me you can reach me at katie@joyoflanguages.com