Learn Italian from your laptop

Have you always dreamed of speaking Italian, but you’re not sure where to start? Or maybe you’ve tried learning from books and CDs, but you freeze up when it comes to speaking?

I teach one-to-one and small group classes via Skype which get you chatting in Italian right from the first lesson. 

A new way to learn

Most language learning programmes don’t work because they don’t teach you what you need to know. Studying isolated words and complicated grammar rules is a complete waste of time unless you know how to use them in real conversations! 

Speaking a language is a practical skill, like riding a bike or swimming, and we get better at practical skills by doing them, not by reading about them in books. The quickest (and most enjoyable) way to learn Italian is by using it in real conversations: this helps you organise your thoughts, find the right words and put them together so that you can communicate in a meaningful way.

In this course you’ll learn grammar and vocabulary on a need to know basis: we’ll study useful sentence structures and words that help you speak in real situations, not random words for kitchen appliances that you’ll never use.

Get over your fear of speaking

Most people feel a bit tense when they try to speak a different language. It’s normal. We’re worried that we’ll seem stupid or that people will laugh at us. Deep down we know it’s not true – but the fear still feels very real! My classes give you a safe and supportive environment to practise: I’ll help you get past your speaking blocks so you’ll soon feel ready to get out there and start chatting to native Italians.

Use the right strategies

I’m not a native Italian. I got to a level of advanced fluency by following some simple strategies that I’ll teach you in our lessons. Being a non-native gives me the edge when teaching beginners: I had to learn Italian from scratch just like you, so I’m better equipped to understand the challenges you face and help you overcome them.

Have fun

Studies show that we learn languages quicker when we’re feeling relaxed and happy. When we let go and have fun with a language, our minds are open and absorb new information more easily. My lively classes are packed with entertaining examples, interactive games and simple explanations to help you enjoy the learning process and pick up Italian without the stress.

Find a way that works for you

The online format means I can deliver high quality, made-to-measure courses which integrate easily into your life: you can learn at home, in the office, or from wherever you have an internet connection. I’ll design the course to fit in with your timetable, your personality and your goals in Italian: together, we’ll develop a learning strategy that works for you.

Here’s what you’ll get

When you learn Italian with me you’ll get:

  • Live Skype lessons (one-to-one or small groups) 
  • Self-study materials in your inbox each week
  • A made-to-measure learning plan
  • Personalised consultations and language coaching sessions to help you stay on track

Learn with me

To find out more, pop your name and your email address in the form above and I’ll be in touch very soon. 

A presto!